2nd-Cancer Pharmacology Research

Presentation Guideline

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Instructions for Speakers to make their presentation effective.

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Font Style and Size

  • The font size must be larger than 24 point.
  • Font must be clear enough to read and understand.
  • To make the presentation catchy and attractive, use different styles colors and sizes.
  • Use 6×6 rule for bullet points i.e. there must be 6 lines in a slide having 6 words in each line.
  • Use the simple and short sentences to propagate your message with clarity.

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Color Scheme

  • Use light background with darker shade text or dark background with lighter shade of text to enhance the visibility.
  • Maintain the color scheme that does not impede the readability of text.
  • Colors appear somewhat different on computer screens and on projection screen. Check your presentation on projector to make sure it is readable.

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General Points

  • Proofread your presentation for grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Mention all the key points in bullet form for the better broadcast of your idea and message.
  • Use the subtle and consistent background.
  • Make sure that your charts, graphs and infographics are well labelled with brief and understandable content.
  • The graphics must be consistent.
  • It is advised to check your graphics on projection screen prior to its submission.

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