Talking with Brain: The Great Revolution

Talking with Brain: The Great Revolution

Welcome Message

Dear Friends,

I would like to invite the participants from all over the world to attend, Talking with Brain: The Great Revolution scheduled to be held on June 14-15, 2018 in University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, USA, which may includes prompt Keynote Lectures, Plenary Lectures, Session Lectures, Poster Presentations, Participants and Exhibitions.

Talking with Brain: The Great Revolution will feature plenary sessions, keynote session, and meet the expert (MTE) sessions by invited experts in their respective disciplines as well as by selection of submitted abstracts. In addition, there will be a poster section with display of posters throughout the conference. Certain times will be designated for poster presenters to be at their posters for foster discussion. The oral and poster sessions will be further designated as basic, translational, and clinical to help registrants plan their program.
The fields to be addressed includes:

  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
  • Electroconvulsive therapy
  • Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS)
  • Rrepetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)
  • Magnetic seizure therapy (MST)
  • Deep brain stimulation (DBS)
  • Cortical stimulation mapping
  • Electrical or focal brain stimulation
  • Optogenetics
  • Neural interface
  • Brain–computer interface
  • Partially invasive and invasive Brain–computer interface
  • Cell-culture BCI
  • Clinical and research-grade BCI-based interfaces
  • Neuroregeneration
  • Differentiation control of neural stem cells
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells
  • Control of axonal regrowth
  • Bioartificial nerve guidance conduits
  • P300/CBP-associated factor (PCAF) and neuroregeneration
  • Neuropraxia
  • Axonotmesis
  • Neurotmesis
  • Bio-computer
  • Neural tissue engineering
  • Gene therapies in neural regeneration

The goal is to highlight the recent advances of Brain Study in order to understand different aspects of Brain health, Neurological disorders, injuries and their treatments/therapies. The basic orientation is towards Brain and Brain interaction, and will also welcome the original theoretical and research-based work of any theoretical provenance provided they have a bearing upon vulnerability to, adjustment to, assessment of, and recovery (assisted or otherwise) from neurological disorders. Conference thus aims to promote theoretical and research developments in the fields of Neurology and Neurological therapies (including both process and outcome research) where brain health is concerned.

We gladly invite the target audience worldwide includes, Students, Scientists, Researchers, Faculties, Medical Colleges, Neurological Associations and Societies, Business Entrepreneurs, Training Institutes, Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies.

We are looking forward to your participation in this meeting.

Prof. Kiminobu Sugaya
Professor of Medicine
Chair of Multidisciplinary Neuroscience Alliance
Chair of Central Florida Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience
Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences
College of Medicine,
University of Central Florida,
6900 Lake Nona Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32827-7407
Office: (407) 266-7045
Lab: (407) 266-7044
FAX: (407) 266-7002