New York in December

New York in December


Along with January and February, December is one of the coldest months of the year for New YorkUSA. During this month, the average temperature for the city begins at 5°C, created by highs of 9°C during the daytime and lows of 1°C after dark, and drops down to 1.5°C, created by highs of 5°C during the daytime and lows of -2°C after dark, by the end of the month. This makes the first week of December the best time to visit New York if you want to visit the city when temperatures are highest.

Even though it only happens on an average of 10% of days, temperatures have been known to rise above 15°C and fall below -9°C in New York in December. The hottest temperature which has ever been registered in the city in December is 24°C, whilst the coldest temperature which has ever been recorded here during this month is -13°C.

Since the weather is very cold in New York in December, this month is best reserved for travellers who plan on spending most of their time indoors or holidaymakers who don’t mind getting wrapped up to go outside. If you plan on spending December in New York, make sure you pack lots of winter clothing, such as jeans, jumpers, coats, hats, scarves and gloves, to ensure you stay warm enough during your holiday. On the other hand, if you hate the cold, forget about visiting the big apple in December and plan your trip for July instead, which tends to be the hottest month of the year for the city.


Throughout December, New York is subject to an average of 87mm/3 inches of rainfall which is spread out between 11 rainy days and five snowy days – that’s a tiny increase compared to November. With precipitation occurring on more than 1/3 of days across the month, you’re almost guaranteed to get some rainfall during your holiday, so be prepared and take an umbrella with you. The probability of rainfall making an appearance during your holiday in December increases as the month develops, starting off at 42% on December 1st and rising up to 46% by December 31st. The most common types of precipitation you can expect to see during your holiday in New York in December are light rain (which occurs on 32% of days with precipitation), light snow (24%), moderate rain (21%) and moderate snow (9%).


The likelihood of snowfall making an appearance also increases as the month develops, starting off at 10% on December 1st and rising up to 22% by December 31st. This makes the final week of December the best time to visit New York if you want to experience snowfall.

Average Sunshine Hours

During an average December, New York boasts five hours of sunshine each day – that’s one hour less every day compared to the previous month – along with median cloud coverage ranging from 76% (partly cloudy) at the beginning of the month, rising up to 78% (partly cloudy) by December 9th and dropping down to 77% (partly cloudy) by December 31st. On an average day, the sky is clear/mostly clear 31% of the time, partly cloudy 12% and mostly cloudy/overcast 49%.


The relative humidity for New York in December ranges from 49% (comfortable) to 82% (humid), rarely falling below 32% (comfortable) or reaching as high as 100% (very humid). The air tends to be at its driest around December 12th, when the relative humidity falls below 57% (mildly humid) three days out of four, whilst the air is at its most humid around December 1st, when it rises above 70% (humid) three days out of four.


Compared to the rest of the year, December is quite a windy month for New York. At this time of year, typical wind speeds range between 0 m/s (calm) and 7 m/s (moderate breeze), rarely rising above 11 m/s (strong breeze). The highest average wind speed of 4 m/s (gentle breeze) happens around December 31st, when the average daily maximum is 7 m/s, whilst the lowest average wind speed of 4 m/s happens around December 2nd, when the average daily maximum is 7 m/s.