Keynote Speakers

Zhe-Sheng Chen

St. John’s University, Queens, New York, NY 11439, USA
Strategies for Reversing MDR in Cancer Cells by Targeting ABC Transporters

Michael Marc Gottesman

National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA
The Role of ABC Transporters in Anti-Cancer Drug Resistance

Victor Ling
British Columbia Cancer Agency, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Plenary Speakers

Gary A. Piazza

University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute, Mobile AL, USA
Novel PDE10 And WNT/β-Catenin Inhibitor for Colorectal Cancer

Susan E. Bates

Columbia University, New York, NY, USA
Re-Examining the Role of ABC Multi-Drug Efflux Transporters in the Clinic

Michael Dean

National Institutes of Health, Gaithersburg, MD, USA
Cervical Cancer as a Model for Tumor Progression and Evolution

John Schuetz

St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, USA
An Unexpected Protein Interaction for ABCC4 Facilitates Hematopoietic Progenitor…

Wei Li

University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN, USA
Discovery of Next Generation Anti-Tubulin Agents

Taosheng Chen

St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, USA
Development of Novel Chemical Probes to Investigate the Function of PXR and CAR

Shaker A. Mousa

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Albany, NY USA
Impact of Nanobiotechnology in Improved Cancer Management

Basil Rigas

Stony Brook University School of Medicine, Stony Brook, NY, USA
NSAIDs and the Chemoprevention of Colon Cancer

Jianjie Ma

Department of Surgery, Columbus, OH, USA
ATAP-Mediated Mitochondria Killing in Treatment of Apoptosis Resistant Cancers

Jian-Ting Zhang

Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA
Repurposing PPIs to Overcome Drug Resistance by Targeting FASN

Li Zhang

The University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, TX,
Heme and Mitochondrial Function in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Pengbo Zhou

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, New York, NY 10065, USA
Targeted Inhibition of the Cullin-RING 4 UbiquitinationMachinery in DNA…

Lin Zhang

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA
Targeting Deficiencies in Cell Death Regulation in Colorectal Cancer

Catharina Svanborg

Institute of Laboratory Medicine, Lund University, Sweden
The Story of HAMLET – A Novel Approach to Cancer Therapy

 Session Speakers

Jun Lin

Stony Brook Medical School, Stony Brook, NY, USA
Effects of Anesthetics on Cancer Cell Growth and Metastasis

Zhiyong Ding

The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA
Identification of Cancer Biomarkers and therapeutic Targets by Proteomics…

Amit Tiwari

Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, OH 43614, USA
Unconventional Caspase-Independent Mechanisms to Target Drug Resistance

Wang Ju

Institute Bio-medicine of Jinan University, Guang Zhou, China
BMP-2 Induces EMT and Breast Cancer Stemness through Rband CD44

Ramesh Chandra

Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi – 110007, India
A Journey from Bench to Bed Noscapine: Opium Alkaloid- A Potential Chemotherapeutic Agent

Sridhar Radhakrishnan

National University of Singapore, Singapore
Nanoformulated Hydrophobic Drugs for Cancer Treatment

Sreekanth Thota

Center for Technological Development in Health (CDTS), Brazil
Development of Ru(II) Complexes: Next-Generation Anticancer Metallotherapeutics?

Paolo Ceppi

IZKF Junior Group 1, University Hospital Erlangen, Erlangen, Germany
A Novel Role for Thymidylate Synthase in Regulating EMT and Determining…

Dandan Sun

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Roles of Na/H Exchanger in GBM Progression

Dexin Kong

Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China
Discovery of PI3K Inhibitor ZSTK474 As An Anticancer Drug Candidate

Lenard M. Lichtenberger

The University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston, Houston, TX, USA
Chemopreventive Effect of PC-NSAIDs against Colorectal Cancer Using In vitro and In vivo…

Menachem Rubinstein

The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Multidrug Resistance Revisited: A New Mechanism and a Possible Remedy

Aus Tariq Ali

Tygerberg hospital and Stellenbosch Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Tygerberg, South Africa
Fertility Drugs and Ovarian Cancer

Christoph Borchers

University of Victoria – Genome British Columbia Proteomics Centre, Victoria British Columbia, Canada
iMALDI for Quantitation of the Expression and Phosphorylation Level of PI3K/AKT Pathway…

Frida Esther Kleiman

City University of New York – Hunter College, New York, NY, USA
To Polyadenylate or Deadenylate: Another Cancer Challenger

Peter W. Heger

Health Research Services Ltd/GmbH, Zeutern, Germany
Dry Extract of the Roots of Rheum Rhaponticum (ERr 731®) Potentially Protect…

Bolin Liu

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, CO, USA
Therapeutic Targeting of erbB3 Receptor for Cancer Treatment

Marc Symons

Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, Manhasset, NY, USA
Re-Educating Tumor-Associated Macrophages for Cancer Therapy

Louise C. Showe

The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA,USA
Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma and Romidepsin: Response, Remission, Recurrence

Chao-Nan (Miles) Qian

Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, Guangzhou, China
Developing Anti-Metastasis Drugs by Combining In vitro and In vivo Approaches

Shanzhi Wang

Chemistry Department, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, AR 72204, USA
Dissecting the Roles of the Enzymatic and Scaffolding Functions of EXO1 in vivo

Fumio Amano

Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Takatsuki, Osaka, Japan
Evaluation of Drug-Resistance Using 5-FU and CDDP-Resistant Mutants from a Human…

Jian-ye Zhang

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, People’s Republic of China
Anticancer Agents from Natural Products and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yuan-Shan Zhu

Clinical and Translational Science Center, New York, NY, USA
New Insights in Molecular Basis of Anti-Androgen Therapy of Prostate Cancer by Estrogen Analogs

James B. Bussel

Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York, NY, USA
Thrombopoietic Agents: What We Do and Do Not Know

Melek Koltuk

Istanbul University Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Istanbul, Turkey
Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of Jaw in Perspective of Oral Surgery: A Focus on Cases

Banu Gürkan Köseoğlu

Istanbul University Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Istanbul, Turkey
Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw Associated with Bisphosphonates…

Alexander M. Shneider

Cure Lab Oncology Inc, Dedham, 02026 MA, USA
P62-Encoding Plasmid as a Novel Class of Cancer Immunotherapeutic

Zhi Shi

Jinan University, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510632, China
Regulation of Cell Survival and Tumorigenesis by Cables1 Complex

Başak Keskin Yalçin

Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Istanbul, Turkey
Diagnosis of Oral Malign Tumors by Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy

Kurt S. Zänker

Institute of Immunology & Experimental Oncology, Germany
Repositioning Old Drugs for New Indications with Particular Reference to ß-Blockers in Oncology

John Tarbell

404C Steinman Hall, New York, NY 10031, USA
Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans Mediate Renal Carcinoma Metastasis

Daniela G. Seidler

Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endocrinology, USA
Extracellular Matrix Molecules Modulate Migration of Melanoma Mells

Joseph R. Bertino

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, NJ, USA
Mitochondrial Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Dehydrogenase (MTHFD2, a Novel Target for Drug Development

Jingxuan Pan

State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology, People’s Republic of China
Neddylation Blockade Diminishes Hepatic Metastasis by Dampening Cancer Stem-Like Cells and Angiogenesis in Uveal Melanoma

Vaishali M. Patil

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, KIET School of Pharmacy, Ghaziabad, UP, India
Prediction of Inhibitory Mechanism for Novel Hsp90 Inhibitors Using QSAR, Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamic Simulation

Paul R. Massey

The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, USA
ABC Transporters in Skin Disease: An Opportunity for Drug Development

Antonino B. D’Assoro

Department of Medical Oncology at the Mayo Clinic, USA
NOTCH3 Expression is Linked to Breast Cancer Cells Seeding and Development…

Mohsin Ali

Department of Chemistry, University of Karachi, Karachi-75270, Pakistan
Anti-Cancer Activity of Some Transition Metal Complexes of Therapeutic Agents

Chunyuan Jin

Department of Environmental Medicine, New York, USA
Regulation of Chromatin Assembly by Cigarette Smoke Component Acrolein

Yongkui Jing

Department of Pharmacology, Shenyang, Liaoning 110016, China
Targeted Therapy for Acute Myeloid Leukemia: from PML-RARa to FLT3-ITD

Pulkit Gupta

Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, New Delhi, India
Applications of Nanotechnology in Management of Ocular Malignancies

Mansoor Ahmed

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
Determining Antineoplastic Activity of Different Solvent Extracts of Medicinal Plants

Najia Mansoor

Department of Pharmacology, University of Karachi, Karachi-75270, Pakistan
WB-PBPK Model of CPT-11 & SN-38; Enzyme and Transport Kinetics Effect on Plasma and Tumor…

Bulent Ozpolat

Department of Experimental Therapeutics, Houston, TX, USA
Development of Novel Targeted Therapies for Highly Aggressive Cancers

Yongxiang Zhao

Sun-Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Collagen I Enhances the Efficiency and Anti-Tumor Activity of Dendritic-Tumor Fusion Cells

Michael L. Nickerson

Laboratory of Translational Genomics, Bethesda, MD, USA
Pathogenic Germline Cancer Initiating Variants that Stratify Urologic Cancer Patients…

Ming-Chang Wu

National Pingtung Univerity of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Effect of Forsythia suspensaon the Formation of Melanin and Apoptosis in Malignant Melanoma

Jianhua Xing

Department of Computational and Systems Biology, PA, USA
Targeting Temporal Dynamics of Microenvironmental Factors Halts Tumor…

Arthur G. Roberts

College of Pharmacy, 240 W. Green St., Athens, GA 30602, USA
Solution Atom Force Microscopy of P‐glycoprotein (Pgp) Reveals its Orientation…

Hua Zhu

4173 Reedbury Lane, Columbus, OH 43220, USA
PTRF Suppresses the Progression of Colorectal Cancers

Jing Li

WuXi Biologics, 108 Meiliang Road. W, MaShanBinhu District, China
A Successful Collaboration to Deliver Innovative Biologics Drug to Clinic Through the Integrated…

Emma Guns

Vancouver Prostate Centre, Jack Bell Research Centre, Canada
A Naturally Derived Ginsenoside 20(S)-Protopanaxadiol Regio-Selectively Targets Androgen Receptor…

Henry Q. Li

Crown Bioscience, Inc., 3375 Scott Blvd, suite 108, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA
Patient Derived Xenograft (PDX) Facilitates Development of New Target Therapies and Discovery of Predictive Biomarkers

Xinliang Mao

College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Soochow University, Suzhou, Jiangsu, P.R.China
Targeting the USP5/c-MafAxle for the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

Jie Wu

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, USA
JAK Kinases in Tumor Immune Surveillance and Resistance to Immunotherapy

Yingyan Yu

Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China
Histological and Immunoscore Signatures of Immune-Checkpoint Inhibitors Against PD-1/PD-L1 on Gastric Carcinoma

Huiwu Li

The Affiliated Tumor Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University, P.R.China
The Regulation Study of Survivin Expression Affected by Lrig1 in ECA109 Cell

Chong Cheng

The State University of New York, Buffalo, NY 14260, United States
Functional Polylactide-Based Therapeutic Delivery Systems for Cancer Treatment

Benelita T. Elie

The City University of New York, Brooklyn, USA
Cancer Chemotherapeutics: Gold(I)-N-heterocyclic Carbene Motifs in Heterometallic Complexes

Deniz Peker

Department of Pathology, Anatomic Pathology, Birmingham, AL, USA
EZH2, the Maestro of the Cancer Symphony Orchestra. How Do We Silence this Unpleasant Performance?

Michele Markstein

University of Massachusetts Amherst, Morrill III South, 611 North Pleasant Street, USA
A Drosophila Model to Overcome ABC Transporter Multidrug Resistance in Cancer Stem Cells

Stephen J. Beebe

Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics, Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA, USA
Translational Research with Nanosecond Pulse Stimulationfor Immuno-Oncology Applications

Pearlie Epling-Burnette

Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, Tampa, FL, USA
Cereblon Controls the Metabolic Function of Tumor Associated T Cells

Suneet Shukla

Division of Biopharmaceutics, US Food and Drug Administration, Washington, DC, USA
Application of Mechanistic Oral Absorption Modeling to Predict In vivo Drug Disposition

Tuan Vo-Dinh

Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry, Duke University, USA
Plasmonic Nanosystems: From Cancer Diagnostics to Photothermal…

David Guerrero

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 3401 Civic Center Blvd., Philadelphia, USA
Nanocarrier-Based Delivery of a Camptothecin-Mitocan Codrug as an Experimental Strategy…

Menachem Rubinstein

The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Approved Asthma Drugs may Alleviate Toxic Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Kaiser J. Aziz

KJ Biomedical Consulting, LLC, Washington DC, USA
Clinical Trial Strategies for the Development of Biomarker-Pharmaceutical…

Chun Yang

20 East Brookline Street, Apartment 86, Boston, MA, 021181964, USA
Cancer Pain Medication – Rule of Alternation?


Qian Zhang

68 Gehu Road, Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
MicroRNA-7 Inhibits Cell Proliferation, Migration and Invasion in Human Non-Small Cell Lung…

Luca Munaron

University of Torino.Torino, Italy
Purinergic Signaling and Tumor Angiogenesis

Ekaterina Galanzha

4301 West Markham, Slot #543, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
In vivo Therapy of Circulating Tumor Cells

Mauro Todisco

National Health Service, Asur Marche, Fermo, Italy
Cyclophosphamide Plus Somatostatin, Bromocriptine, Retinoids, Melatonin…

Muhammad Akram

GC University Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
Awareness and Current Knowledge of Breast Cancer

Dong-Hua Yang

St. John’s University, Queens, NY, USA
Establishment and Characterization of Topotecan Resistant NCI-H460/TOP10 Cells

Jong-Suk Kim

Department of Biochemistry and Institute of Cardiovascular Research, Republic of Korea
Brazilin Induces Apoptosis of Colon Cancer Cells Through Inhibition of HO-1 via Reduction of mTOR Phosphorylation

El Hassane Sidibe

Institue de France Villa 24 Rue 1XC Point E BP 5062 Dakar – Fann 10700,Senegal
Auto-ImmuneSubsharian Primary Hypothyroidism

Silpa Narayanan

St. John’s University, Queens, NY, USA
Anti-Cancer Effect of Indanone Derivative,UN-I-62, on Colon Cancer Cell Lines